Wednesday, May 19, 2010

World Cup....Safari??

Hahaha..32 beast lie in wait for the cup at the World Cup finals. We went into the bush to check out who are the predators for the 2010 World Cup..

World ranking: 27
If they were a safari animal, they'd be a...Cobra. Don't turn your back on them or they'll give you a nasty bite - as West Germany found out in 1982.

World ranking: 9
If they were a safari animal, they'd be a...Puff Adder. Watch an inflated Diego Maradona spit out more poison at the press.

World ranking: 19
If they were a safari animal. they'd be...Hyena. Loud and ugly, the Aussie will strut about making sure everyone sees them.

World ranking: 2
If they were a safari animal, they'd be...Lion. Undoubted king of the jungle, will look to devour all by combining samba style with laying in the sun faking injuries.

World ranking: 20
If they were a safari animal, they'd be...African Wolf Spider. Tehy use their legs to catch and crush prey in sunlight.

World ranking: 13
If they were a safari animal, they'd be...Snow Leopard. They can't change their spots and are always very efficient but dull.

World ranking: 34
If they were a safari animal, they'd be...Baboon. Will swarm all over the opposition but get caught napping.

World ranking: 8
If they were a safari animal, they'd be...Cheetah. Thierry Henry's handball - say no more.

World ranking: 6
If they were a safari animal, they'd be...Crocodile. Feared and dislike by all other countries, but they might try to swallow too much.

World ranking: 31
If they were a safari animal, they'd be...Wildebeest. Known for perishing in great numbers as they try to cross crocodile infested waters. Would be an interestig match with Germany.

World ranking: 11
If they were a safari animal, they'd be...Ostrich. Powerful but ugly to watch. Absolutely no chance of taking off.

World ranking: 3
If they were a safari animal, they'd be...Zebra. They look great, everyone likes them but once there's a bit of of noise they run for dear life.

World ranking: 36
If they were a safari animal, they'd be...Mosquito. You'll know they're there because their fans will bring a buzz to the place. But the team is unlikely to find the net.

World ranking: 5
If they were a safari animal, they'd be...Golden Cat. Always look their best, immaculate on and off the pitch. Stylish, elegant and coutious. Often get the cream.

World ranking: 25
If they were a safari animal, they'd be...Giraffe.Great to watch on the move but, like Didier Drogba once they fall down, they can't get up again.

World ranking: 45
If they were a safari animal, they'd be...Gazelle. Fleet of foot but too lightweight by far. 

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Die DFB-Elf

Die DFB-Elf...or the DFB-Eleven, nickname given to German national football team. They are one of the three most successful national teams at international competitions, having won a total of three World Cups, being runners-up for four times and 3 times for thrid place. With the faces like Michael Ballack, Lucas Podolski, Miroslav Klose, Philipp Lahm and many more, no doubt they would among the teams that we should consider as a favourite to reach the final.

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

World Cup Legends...

Since 1930 since the first World Cup being played at Estadio Centenario in Montevideo, Uruguay a lot of great players had showed their skills, determination and everything they had to win the pretigious award. Here we had the list of the players that is part of the history in World Cup..


A veteran of four World Cups, scorer of 1,283 first-class goals - 12 of them in World Cup final tournaments - a member of those magical Brazilian squads that won soccer's greatest prize in 1958, 1962 and 1970. But just as a collection of notes do not make a Beethoven symphony, statistics cannot capture the majesty of those glorious Brazilian sides. This was football played to a samba beat. Beautiful skills, astonishing speed and ball control - and of all those great players in the yellow and green shirts, Pele was the greatest of them all. He was lithe, agile, strong and seemed to be able to make the ball do as he pleased. Blessed with a stunning shot and an ability to soar above defences, he was expected to perform some astonishing feat of trickery every time he was in possession.Three decades on, the chants may be different. But it was the Brazil of Pele which gave them to the world.

Diego Maradona
By many he is the greatest Football player of all time. He was born on October 30th 1960 in Lanus outside Buenos Aires. There he played for Los Cebollitos (The little onions), before he joined Argentinos Juniors. At 16 he was Argentina's youngest-ever international when he played against Hungary. Two years later he captained the World Youth Cup winners and was soon transferred to Boca Juniors for £1.000.000. The success continued and he was voted South American Player Of The Year in 1979 and 1980

Franz Beckenbauer
Franz Beckenbauer is the only man to have won the World Cup both as a player and as a manager. His roll of honour is unique. Captain of West Germany when they won the World Cup and the European Championship, he also led his club, Bayern Munich, to three successive European Cups and also to the European Cup Winners' Cup.

Garrincha was as brilliant on the pitch as he was wild off of it. He is known as the greatest dribbler in soccer history. Even though he was born with crippled legs and retained a distorted left leg even after an operation, he never let this affect his wonderful ball skills, making some of the most beautiful soccer performances ever.

Michel Platini
Michel Platini was beyond compare as a creative mid-fielder, his record of 68 goals in 147 league games for Juventus is remarkable. Michel Platini is only the second player (after Johan Cruyff) to win three European Footballer of the Year awards. In 1987 Platini was appointed the French national coach, which he relinquished after the 1992 European Championship. He was the co-organizer of the 1998 France World Cup. Platini is recognised as the greatest scorer in the history of the French national team.

Johan Cruyff
Cruyff was one of a number of youngsters who emerged with Ajax of Amsterdam in the late Sixties and came to dominate European and world football in the early Seventies. Cruyff was the most outstanding of them all and was seen by many as the natural successor to Pele as the world's greatest player. He won a hat-trick of European Cups with Ajax, the World Clubs' Cup and was three times European Footballer of the Year. At their peak, the Dutch side he captained were the most exciting and talented team in international football, yet, strangely, they never won a major trophy during his reign.

usebio was the top scorer at the 1966 World Cup (9 goals) held in England. Here his lightning fast acceleration and wonderful dribbling skills earned him acclaim. His trademark was a spectacular shot, which allied to his powerful running and dribbling skills, made him one of the most dangerous strickers of his era. After scoring 38 goals in 46 games for Portugal, he had to end his first class career in 1974, when at age 32, he injured his knee so badly he was advised never to play again. In Eusebio's spectacular career he played 715 games and scored 727 goal.

Born, Artur Antunes Coimbra, known as Zico, was the youngest of three footballing brothers. Zico needed a diet of anabolic steriods and vitamins to build himself up, but it was his natural talent that made him a superstar. In spite of his great ball skills, a sharp mind and thunderous shots, he failed to win the World Cup with Brazil in three attempts (1978, 1982 and 1986).

Zinedine Zidane
Arguably the best football player in the World Cup 1998 and in the world right now. His presence and play making ability is unmatched. One of only two three-time FIFA World Player of the Year winners and also won Ballon d'Or in 1998. Even after his retirement in fotball he sis till actively involve with his former club and charity works.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Can they fly high???

Currently ranked at no.4 in FIFA World Ranking, the Oranje or the Flying Dutchmen, could they fly high this time? As thebest World Cup victories was in 1998 where they are at 4th place.

Flawless during the qualifiers and allying sturdiness with their traditional stylish play, the Oranje will start as fovourite in Group E, but will be wary of three formidable afversaries in Denmark, Cameroon and Japan.

The Dutch team went on to secure a 100 percent record in their qualification campaign, winning all eight games and becoming the first European team to qualify for 2010 FIFA World Cup.
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Monday, May 10, 2010

Previous FIFA World Cups - 2

Here are where the legends come...

1986 FIFA World Cup Mexico
Winner: Argentina
Runners-Up: Germany FR
Third: France
Fourth: Belgium
Golden Ball: Diego MARADONA (ARG)
Golden Shoe: Gary LINEKER (ENG)
Best Young Player Award: Enzo SCIFO (BEL)
FIFA Fair Play award: Brazil
Goals Scored: 132 (average 2.5 per match)
Attendance: 2393031 (average 46019)

1982 FIFA World Cup Spain
Winner: Italy
Runners-Up: Germany FR
Third: Poland
Fourth: France
Golden Ball: Paolo ROSSI (ITA)
Golden Shoe: Paolo ROSSI (ITA)
Best Young Player Award: Manuel AMOROS (FRA)
FIFA Fair Play award: Brazil
Goals Scored: 146 (average 2.8 per match)
Attendance: 2109723 (average 40571)

1978 FIFA World Cup Argentina
Winner: Argentina
Runners-Up: Netherlands
Third: Brazil
Fourth: Italy
Golden Shoe: Mario KEMPES (ARG)
Best Young Player Award: Antonio CABRINI (ITA)
FIFA Fair Play award: Argentina
Goals Scored: 102 (average 2.7 per match)
Attendance: 1550424 (average 40800)

1974 FIFA World Cup Germany
Winner: Germany FR
Runners-Up: Netherlands
Third: Poland
Fourth: Brazil
Golden Shoe: Grzegorz LATO (POL)
Best Young Player Award: Wladyslaw ZMUDA (POL)
Goals Scored: 97 (average 2.6 per match)
Attendance: 1822834 (average 47969)

1970 FIFA World Cup Mexico
Winner: Brazil
Runners-Up: Italy
Third: Germany FR
Fourth: Uruguay
Golden Shoe: Gerd MUELLER (GER)
Best Young Player Award: Teofilo CUBILLAS (PER)
Goals Scored: 95 (average 3.0 per match)
Attendance: 1603975 (average 50124)

Previous FIFA World Cups

As we heading to the 2010 World are some recap for the previous edition of World Cups..maybe there's some memories with the World it sweet =) or bitter =(..

Winner: Italy
Runners-up: France
Third: German
Fourth: Portugal
Golden Ball: Zinedine Zidane
Golden Shoe: Miroslav Klose
Best Young Player Award: Lukas Podolski
FIFA Fair Play: Spain, Brazil
FIFA Most Entertaining Team: Portugal
Goals Scored: 147 (average 2.3/match)
Attendance: 3359439 (average 52491)

Winner: Brazil
Runners-Up: Germany
Third: Turkey
Fourth: Korea Republic
Golden Ball: Oliver KAHN (GER)
Golden Shoe: RONALDO (BRA)
Best Goalkeeper: Oliver KAHN (GER)
Best Young Player Award: Landon DONOVAN (USA)
FIFA Fair Play award: Belgium
FIFA Award for the Most Entertaining Team: Korea Republic
Goals Scored: 161 (average 2.5 per match)
Attendance: 2705197 (average 42268)

Winner: France
Runners-Up: Brazil
Third: Croatia
Fourth: Netherlands
Golden Ball: RONALDO (BRA)
Golden Shoe: Davor SUKER (CRO)
Best Goalkeeper: Fabien BARTHEZ (FRA)
Best Young Player Award: Michael OWEN (ENG)
FIFA Fair Play award: England, France
FIFA Award for the Most Entertaining Team: France
Goals Scored: 171 (average 2.7 per match)
Attendance: 2785100 (average 43517)

Winner: Brazil
Runners-Up: Italy
Third: Sweden
Fourth: Bulgaria
Golden Ball: ROMÁRIO (Romário de Souza Faria) (BRA)
Golden Shoe: Oleg SALENKO (RUS), Hristo STOICHKOV (BUL)
Best Goalkeeper: Michel PREUDHOMME (BEL)
Best Young Player Award: Marc OVERMARS (NED)
FIFA Fair Play award: Brazil
FIFA Award for the Most Entertaining Team: Brazil
Goals Scored: 141 (average 2.7 per match)
Attendance: 3587538 (average 68991)

Goals Scored: 115 (average 2.2 per match)
Attendance: 2516215 (average 48388)
Winner: Germany FR
Runners-Up: Argentina
Third: Italy
Fourth: England
adidas Golden Ball: Salvatore SCHILLACI (ITA)
adidas Golden Shoe: Salvatore SCHILLACI (ITA)
Best Young Player Award: Robert PROSINECKI (CRO)
FIFA Fair Play award: England