Friday, May 7, 2010

Road To South Africa 2010

Brrrr...the fever is back..the greatest event in universe again will be held in South Africa this year!!!Yeay!!! Let give Springboks a break..give way to Bafana Bafana!!!

But..errr...this would be which edition???Emmm..why this time is in Africa?Aaa..which country will represent my continent?? lets answered your "I didn't know that" questions about 19th FIFA World Cup Edition..

Kick-off - 11 June 2010, Final - 11 July 2010

South Africa? Host? - winning the bid against Morocco and Egypt in all African bidding process. Why? - new policy to rotate the event among football confederations (which was later abandoned in October 2007)

Which continent still not a host yet? - Oceania Football Confederation

Is my team will play?

If they much they get?

Each participating team - $1 million (pre tournament)

Exiting team during group stage - $8 million

Round of 16 - $9 million

Q-final.. - $18 million

S-final... - $20 million

Runners up..... - $24 million

Champion!!! - $30 million that's a lot man....phewwww.. you guys know that each domestic clubs which their players are representing their national teams are paid €1,000 per player per day.

What's the mascot?

This cute guy is Zakumi (born 16 June 1994)..with official motto "Zakumi's game is fair play"..

What are they gonna be kicking this time?
- As usual the official ball would be from Adidas..the Jabulani..

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